Des Plaines Heating and Air Conditioning

Hire our Des Plaines HVAC crew for the best heating and cooling solutions in the market. We are known for being one of the best HVAC contractors in the main Des Plaines area and its surroundings. Thanks to our brilliant contractors, we have been able to ensure a consistently high quality of service that shows in every single project that we deliver. We are constantly updating our arsenal with the latest technologies and techniques, making sure that the fruits of all innovation are passed down to our clients for great efficiency all around. This benefits you in many ways.

When you are letting professionals such as our crew make design, the installations and do the servicing for your HVAC systems, you are ensuring top most performance from every single part. Not only does it prolong the life of your machines, it also makes sure that your energy bills do not shoot through the roof. So be it a furnace, air conditioning or just plain ventilation - you have finally found the best crew for the job. We pride ourselves on our completely turn-key solution to all HVAC problems. So the moment you contact us, all your heating and cooling problems and needs will be take care of.

Need to know more about us? Want a custom designed and installed HVAC system for your property? Need an estimate for your next project? Call us now and get a free, no obligations estimate from our experts. Our lines are available during regular business hours.


Welcome to Jake HVAC, the finest heating and cooling solutions company in town. With over 15 years of experience in the heating and cooling business, Jake brings his in depth expertise and vast experience to every project. He has a working background in some of the best HVAC companies in places like Evanston, Wilmette, Kenilworth and Lake Shore. He’s also a trained aviation mechanic with field experience to boot. With such an impressive portfolio, it is easy to understand why Jake’s services are in such high demand at all times. Hire him to get high quality service at an amazingly affordable price. He believes in doing each job with equal amount of dedication and care. So no job is too big or too small for Jake’s HVAC services and you can make your booking with equal confidence each time. Jake also guarantees 100% satisfaction because he believes in the hard work that he and his crew put out every single time.